Anxious About Adulting? You Aren’t Alone, Here’s Why It’s Daunting

The scariest thing about adulthood is how inevitable it feels. Like a killer in a horror movie it advances on us, silent and implacable. It doesn’t negotiate and it doesn’t care whether or not we’re ready for it. Whether we like it or not, as we get older there is a steady increase in demands placed on us by the circumstances of our lives. Financial and social pressures build—and time for personal interests, friendships, and hobbies, grows scarce. Is it any wonder that adulting goes hand-in-hand with anxiety? In today’s post, we’re going to explore some of the reasons this transition is so harrowing—and offer some helpful strategies to manage the process.

Four Ways to Cope with Holiday Stress

At least in part, the holidays serve as a way for us to come together and experience community and family—but for many of us, they also come with tremendous financial and emotional stress. Many people struggle during this time of year to keep and maintain the balance in their lives. We all have expectations of how we’d like the holidays to go, and it can be difficult when things don’t go as planned. Today, we’ll take a look at 4 helpful strategies you can use to help you cope with holiday stress.

How To Balance Your Personal Life While Still Being Highly Productive At Work

You’re not alone if you feel balancing your personal life and professional goals is a high-wire act with a steep fall waiting on both sides. Ideally, our professional lives help us to create a fulfilling personal life for ourselves and our personal lives help us destress and reset. Realistically, it’s always more complicated than that. In today’s article we’ll look at ways you can balance your personal life without giving up your groove at work.

Signs That You Might Have High-Functioning Anxiety

It isn’t always obvious when someone’s suffering from anxiety. People with high-functioning anxiety move through life masking their battle with an easy smile and a quick joke. While we commonly think of someone with anxiety as freezing up or panicking, individuals with high-functioning anxiety may appear from the outside to have it all. They’re often successful at work and in their personal lives—they themselves may even think that they have tamed the beast, for a while.

Emotional Trauma Explained

People with emotional trauma often struggle to articulate their experience with it. They may carry it with them for years, embarrassed, ashamed, or even unaware of the impact of a traumatic event on their lives. Many of us minimize or write off our own traumas. We look at the suffering in the world around us and think our troubles seem small in comparison and that our struggle to cope with them is a personal failing of some sort.

The Impact Of Chronic Illness On Anxiety

Whether age or unforeseen circumstance, chronic illness can arrive without warning. It upsets that delicate balance, introducing a new set of fears and worries. It inflames new and old anxieties alike, upending the delicate order of our lives. In this article, we’ll examine the interplay between chronic illness and anxiety.

Perfectionism And It’s Mental Health Risk for Professionals

Perfectionism is a form of Anxiety, and counter-intuitively, it is frequently linked to low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. Despite being high performers, their backgrounds cause them to feel abused, neglected, or missing control. Perfectionism is defined by a black-and-white worldview. Perfectionists either feel like they did a great job, or failed utterly. There is no middle ground.

The Effect of Anxiety on the Brain

Activity in our brain is shaped by how we see and process the world around us, which in turn affects the types of hormones our brain instructs our bodies to produce. Emotional states like anxiety have a powerful effect on the brain—here are some of the most common ways your anxiety may be impacting you.

Four Signs that Perfectionism is Affecting Your Relationship

There are so many accomplished professionals who wear their perfectionism as a badge of honor. They’re ambitious, successful, and determined. But those same qualities that translate into success in the workplace can cause issues for our romantic lives.

What Is Relationship Anxiety And What Does It Look Like?

Anyone who’s ever dated or been married knows that relationships have ups and downs. The warm, fuzzy glow of those first weeks and months settles into a steady rhythm. In the best case scenario we’re able to kick back and enjoy ourselves—knowing that it won’t always be so easy. But what happens when that sense of peace evades us?

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