The Effect of Anxiety on the Brain

Activity in our brain is shaped by how we see and process the world around us, which in turn affects the types of hormones our brain instructs our bodies to produce. Emotional states like anxiety have a powerful effect on the brain—here are some of the most common ways your anxiety may be impacting you.

Four Signs that Perfectionism is Affecting Your Relationship

There are so many accomplished professionals who wear their perfectionism as a badge of honor. They’re ambitious, successful, and determined. But those same qualities that translate into success in the workplace can cause issues for our romantic lives.

What Is Relationship Anxiety And What Does It Look Like?

Anyone who’s ever dated or been married knows that relationships have ups and downs. The warm, fuzzy glow of those first weeks and months settles into a steady rhythm. In the best case scenario we’re able to kick back and enjoy ourselves—knowing that it won’t always be so easy. But what happens when that sense of peace evades us?

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