I am licensed marriage and family therapist (MFC #48102), and I hold a doctorate degree (Psy.D.) in Psychology, with emphasis in psychoanalysis. My clinical experience has included in-depth training in psychoanalytic, object relations, and attachment-based approaches to therapy. I am also a certified perinatal and postpartum mood disorders counselor. My practice is in the heart of Orange County, CA in Irvine.

I work well with individuals who struggle with creating and maintaining long term interpersonal relationships with others. These would be those people who feel dissatisfied in their friendships and marriage because there something is lacking or is so dissatisfying to them that they cannot bear it and drop the relationship. I am also effective with people who suffered an emotional trauma or have been emotionally deprived or neglected and are now longing for a connection in a way that makes them feel too needy and overbearing to others.

Many times, fears of rejection or abandonment prevent my clients from seeking and creating meaningful relationships. In our work together, we explore these fears, re-examine old patterns and perspectives, and create new experiences that help build new pathways that allow for deeper connections. I have completed my EMDRIA Approved EMDR Basic Training through the Parnell Institute which specializes in Attachment-Focused EMDR.   

I am a certified counselor for perinatal and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, including depression and anxiety during pregnancy, postpartum depression and anxiety, OCD, and postpartum psychosis. I work with new parents who are struggling with the adjustment to parenthood, feelings of guilt, depression and anxiety, and the loneliness one can feel when caring for a baby.

The relationship between therapist and client serves the therapy process as a source of understanding, learning, and, ultimately change. Additionally, some aspects of our experience exist out of our conscious awareness, yet impact our life experience in meaningful ways. Therapy is about helping clients to become aware of underlying sources of issues they face, in ways that enable them to achieve meaningful and lasting change. I strive to create a respectful, accepting environment where you feel safe to express and explore your feelings and are challenged to grow.  

My practice consists mostly of working with individuals and couples in psychoanalytic psychotherapy as well as psychoanalysis. I am fully committed to do my best to meet my clients’ needs.

As a result of my commitment, a high percentage of my practice is from repeat customers and referrals.

About How I Work

I believe many issues such as depression and anxiety stem from relationship difficulties we encounter in our lives. As a result, I have great interest in helping people who find it challenging to engage in meaningful relationships or have difficulty letting go of dysfunctional ties.

My style of counseling is psychodynamic , meaning that I believe the past is powerfully influential in our lives. However, I also recognize that it is most important to focus our work together on issues in the present that are impacted by your past. Together, we will use that knowledge about your past to create lasting changes that lead to better relationships and a better quality of life. It is my goal to help clients prioritize their needs, and find better ways to resolve both inner conflict and conflict in their relationships.

How I work depends in part on you and your particular needs. While some people come to therapy with specific issues relating to depression, anxiety, grief, loss and recovery, others are in need for longer-term psychodynamic or psychoanalytic therapy to address long-standing life or relational challenges. Each person is unique and no two treatments are the same. In our sessions, we will work collaboratively to create an individualized treatment plan that will best fit your needs.

My areas of experience are in depression, anxiety, self esteem, attachment difficulties, grief and loss, relational trauma, and managing difficult relationships.

If you are ready to feel more peaceful, healthier, and more fulfilled in life and your relationships, I invite you to contact me to set up an appointment, and learn more about how we can work together.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust!

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